• Weekly Guild Events

    So it has been a while since we as a guild has done some sort of major event that is not bound by the game. I have been getting many suggestions of guild event ideas which I think are easy to do without an official post by me or any of the guild leaders. Some examples are Shatterer achievement runs, Dragon Stand runs, mesmer jumping puzzle runs, etc. All of these I think the guild is capable of setting up without needed permission or a guild leader to host them. Anyone is free to try and run these event themselves and hopefully the guild joins in on them. I know our numbers have been slowly dwindling but the core players are still around which I think is plenty.

    Now for the real point of this post. Bacon Cupcaxe has kindly donated a bunch of items to give away at guild events. I have also added a few items myself.

    enter image description here

    Starting next week (Saturday June 11) we will start doing guild events where we can give some of these items away. I do not want to post what the planned events are in case some events don't appeal to some so I hope they would show up and attempt what the event might be. It will be one event per week starting approximately 15 minutes after guild mission ends.

    Some ideas I have for events:

    • Hide and Seek - I will hide somewhere on a map while everyone else tries to find where I am located and stand where I am standing.
    • Jumping Puzzle Race - I will pick a jumping puzzle and wait at the end and see who can reach the end first. No mesmer portals allowed.
    • Gliding Challenge - In the guild hall we can place a decoration down and have people glide from a starting position on the map, glide and try to land on said decoration. Could be at the top of a tiny flag pole.
    • Map Race - Starting from an entrance of a map and run to the exit of the map. Using what ever class/items/tools you think will help you will be open. (No waypoints allowed)
    • Race to the top of the Guild Hall - Since I have built a 'jumping puzzle' to the top of the hall, I want to see who can climb it the quickest. Plus the view at the top of the hall is amazing for those who haven't been there yet.

    If you have any other guild event ideas, please let me know.

    Some events might be in a HoT map so some events might be for expansion owners only.

    That is it for now,


  • Daily achievement widget is active!

    Hello everyone!

    So I have been working on adding some more useful information to the side bar and have just finished the Daily Achievement widget! (hooray!)

    The widget is a listing of the current dailies. It displays them based on category and level requirement. All level 80 dailies are listed at the top of each category, and all sub-level 80 dailies are listed at the bottom of each category with a hollowed out bullet point.

    You can click on a category to expand that category and collapse your previous category (to reduce clutter the widget operates as an accordion).

    Note that you might notice that some dailies won't show up in the widget. I am investigating this. For whatever reason the achievement ID reported by ArenaNet's Daily Achievements API is being reported as invalid by the Achievement API. For now I just hide those errors which may result in some achievements not appearing on occasion. This mostly seems to happen with some of the jumping puzzle dailies.

    Hope everyone enjoys!


  • Raid Reminder [Updated 4/24/2016]

    Hey all!

    So now that the SAB festival is concluded, we will be starting our raid schedule again in full force.

    A reminder that the time slots that we will be running are:

    • Friday at 5 PM PDT - 9 PM PDT
    • Sunday at 5 PM PDT - 9 PM PDT

    Please be online at these times if you wish to join. We will be calling out in guild chat several minutes beforehand to get people into squads, and will also be on TeamSpeak, which you should be prepared to join.


    Update 4/24/2016: Since Saturday and Sundays have generally been having problems having enough numbers at their current time slots, we are going to try moving them so that all of the times are around reset (3pm-7pm PDT). This means we are dropping the Saturday raid runs since that would conflict with guild missions. I have updated the new weekly raid times above as well as in the guild message of the day.

    Edit: Raid times are now 5pm-9pm


  • New website is live!

    Hey all,

    So after a long and difficult redevelopment process, I have finally completed the rewrite of the website. bells and whistles.


    You might notice that not a lot appears to have changed, and that's because the bulk of the rework was done on the back-end. I won't get into the details of what all that entailed, but essentially the old system that the website was built on was a bear to maintain, difficult to test, and prevented me from updating the site regularly. The new system is a lot more self-contained, and significantly easier to test, debug, and deploy.

    In the migration, I was unable to migrate user accounts to the new system. As such, I have only migrated features that do not require user authentication to utilize, and have opened up features that previously would have only been visible after logging in.

    New features

    • Event timers: Event timers now contain the HoT map meta-events.
    • WvWvW status widget: Now displays income for individual maps as bar graphs below the pie graph.
    • WvWvW status widget: Currently displayed match can be changed by clicking the "change match" link. This is temporary and will not persist between page loads.

    Removed features

    Without user access, a lot of user-related features have been removed for now. None of the backing data has been removed, and the new website has a mechanism to access that data if need be.

    • Forums: These weren't visited often and have been cut for the time being.
    • Screenshot galleries: These weren't visited often and have been cut for the time being.
    • Event tracker: These stored data server-side related to a user, so they can't be used at the moment.
    • TeamSpeak widget: The detailed list of users as well as the server password have been removed since the widget is now visible anonymously.

    Upcoming features

    • Tyria live map: I still need to migrate this, but there should be no limitations to doing so.
    • Guild calendar: I want to set up a new calendar system with a simple feed that can be displayed directly on the sidebar. This should also have a way to be exported into members' personal calendar apps.
    • GW2 API integration: I have some ideas for allowing deeper integration with the GW2 API (similar to gw2efficiency).

    I think that about covers where we are right now. Hit me up in game if you have any questions!


  • Raid Schedule

    Hey all!

    So some of us were discussing that we should set up a schedule for raids! I know several people have mentioned and asked in the guild before whether or not we would be doing them, so we're going to try to set up a weekly schedule for people to work on them.

    As such, we need to decide what times would work best for the majority of interested players. If you are interested in raiding, please fill out the doodle I've created here. Just enter your character name and check any 2-hour blocks that would generally work for you on a weekly basis. I will keep this doodle open until Wednesday at 5pm PST (server reset).

    You do not have to worry about being fully geared up in ascended to sign up for this. While gear will be important in the raids, exotics will be fine and we won't know what specific stats or builds we should be running until we're all there to discuss what we have available and what roles people are interested in playing. ^.^

    The only expectation we have for people who sign up is that they be willing to set aside the time.

    Once we have an idea of how many people are interested and what times they have available, we will pick one or two 4-hour blocks of time and publish a raid schedule on the guild calendar.

    Thanks, Makina

    UPDATE: So far 23 people have signed up for the raid and the time slots that we will be running are:

    • Friday at 3 PM PDT - 7 PM PDT
    • Saturday at 11 A.M. PDT - 3 PM PDT
    • Sunday at 11 A.M. PDT - 3 PM PDT

    Unfortunately these times do not work for everybody, but we will be discussing whether or not we'll be using a set raid time or using a scheduler for every week to determine the best time. If you are available during these times please show up on one of these days, but I recommend showing up for two for more experience with the raid.