Daily achievement widget is active!

Hello everyone!

So I have been working on adding some more useful information to the side bar and have just finished the Daily Achievement widget! (hooray!)

The widget is a listing of the current dailies. It displays them based on category and level requirement. All level 80 dailies are listed at the top of each category, and all sub-level 80 dailies are listed at the bottom of each category with a hollowed out bullet point.

You can click on a category to expand that category and collapse your previous category (to reduce clutter the widget operates as an accordion).

Note that you might notice that some dailies won't show up in the widget. I am investigating this. For whatever reason the achievement ID reported by ArenaNet's Daily Achievements API is being reported as invalid by the Achievement API. For now I just hide those errors which may result in some achievements not appearing on occasion. This mostly seems to happen with some of the jumping puzzle dailies.

Hope everyone enjoys!