Raid Reminder [Updated 4/24/2016]

Hey all!

So now that the SAB festival is concluded, we will be starting our raid schedule again in full force.

A reminder that the time slots that we will be running are:

  • Friday at 5 PM PDT - 9 PM PDT
  • Sunday at 5 PM PDT - 9 PM PDT

Please be online at these times if you wish to join. We will be calling out in guild chat several minutes beforehand to get people into squads, and will also be on TeamSpeak, which you should be prepared to join.


Update 4/24/2016: Since Saturday and Sundays have generally been having problems having enough numbers at their current time slots, we are going to try moving them so that all of the times are around reset (3pm-7pm PDT). This means we are dropping the Saturday raid runs since that would conflict with guild missions. I have updated the new weekly raid times above as well as in the guild message of the day.

Edit: Raid times are now 5pm-9pm