New website is live!

Hey all,

So after a long and difficult redevelopment process, I have finally completed the rewrite of the website. bells and whistles.


You might notice that not a lot appears to have changed, and that's because the bulk of the rework was done on the back-end. I won't get into the details of what all that entailed, but essentially the old system that the website was built on was a bear to maintain, difficult to test, and prevented me from updating the site regularly. The new system is a lot more self-contained, and significantly easier to test, debug, and deploy.

In the migration, I was unable to migrate user accounts to the new system. As such, I have only migrated features that do not require user authentication to utilize, and have opened up features that previously would have only been visible after logging in.

New features

  • Event timers: Event timers now contain the HoT map meta-events.
  • WvWvW status widget: Now displays income for individual maps as bar graphs below the pie graph.
  • WvWvW status widget: Currently displayed match can be changed by clicking the "change match" link. This is temporary and will not persist between page loads.

Removed features

Without user access, a lot of user-related features have been removed for now. None of the backing data has been removed, and the new website has a mechanism to access that data if need be.

  • Forums: These weren't visited often and have been cut for the time being.
  • Screenshot galleries: These weren't visited often and have been cut for the time being.
  • Event tracker: These stored data server-side related to a user, so they can't be used at the moment.
  • TeamSpeak widget: The detailed list of users as well as the server password have been removed since the widget is now visible anonymously.

Upcoming features

  • Tyria live map: I still need to migrate this, but there should be no limitations to doing so.
  • Guild calendar: I want to set up a new calendar system with a simple feed that can be displayed directly on the sidebar. This should also have a way to be exported into members' personal calendar apps.
  • GW2 API integration: I have some ideas for allowing deeper integration with the GW2 API (similar to gw2efficiency).

I think that about covers where we are right now. Hit me up in game if you have any questions!