Raid Schedule

Hey all!

So some of us were discussing that we should set up a schedule for raids! I know several people have mentioned and asked in the guild before whether or not we would be doing them, so we're going to try to set up a weekly schedule for people to work on them.

As such, we need to decide what times would work best for the majority of interested players. If you are interested in raiding, please fill out the doodle I've created here. Just enter your character name and check any 2-hour blocks that would generally work for you on a weekly basis. I will keep this doodle open until Wednesday at 5pm PST (server reset).

You do not have to worry about being fully geared up in ascended to sign up for this. While gear will be important in the raids, exotics will be fine and we won't know what specific stats or builds we should be running until we're all there to discuss what we have available and what roles people are interested in playing. ^.^

The only expectation we have for people who sign up is that they be willing to set aside the time.

Once we have an idea of how many people are interested and what times they have available, we will pick one or two 4-hour blocks of time and publish a raid schedule on the guild calendar.

Thanks, Makina

UPDATE: So far 23 people have signed up for the raid and the time slots that we will be running are:

  • Friday at 3 PM PDT - 7 PM PDT
  • Saturday at 11 A.M. PDT - 3 PM PDT
  • Sunday at 11 A.M. PDT - 3 PM PDT

Unfortunately these times do not work for everybody, but we will be discussing whether or not we'll be using a set raid time or using a scheduler for every week to determine the best time. If you are available during these times please show up on one of these days, but I recommend showing up for two for more experience with the raid.