Weekly Guild Events

So it has been a while since we as a guild has done some sort of major event that is not bound by the game. I have been getting many suggestions of guild event ideas which I think are easy to do without an official post by me or any of the guild leaders. Some examples are Shatterer achievement runs, Dragon Stand runs, mesmer jumping puzzle runs, etc. All of these I think the guild is capable of setting up without needed permission or a guild leader to host them. Anyone is free to try and run these event themselves and hopefully the guild joins in on them. I know our numbers have been slowly dwindling but the core players are still around which I think is plenty.

Now for the real point of this post. Bacon Cupcaxe has kindly donated a bunch of items to give away at guild events. I have also added a few items myself.

enter image description here

Starting next week (Saturday June 11) we will start doing guild events where we can give some of these items away. I do not want to post what the planned events are in case some events don't appeal to some so I hope they would show up and attempt what the event might be. It will be one event per week starting approximately 15 minutes after guild mission ends.

Some ideas I have for events:

  • Hide and Seek - I will hide somewhere on a map while everyone else tries to find where I am located and stand where I am standing.
  • Jumping Puzzle Race - I will pick a jumping puzzle and wait at the end and see who can reach the end first. No mesmer portals allowed.
  • Gliding Challenge - In the guild hall we can place a decoration down and have people glide from a starting position on the map, glide and try to land on said decoration. Could be at the top of a tiny flag pole.
  • Map Race - Starting from an entrance of a map and run to the exit of the map. Using what ever class/items/tools you think will help you will be open. (No waypoints allowed)
  • Race to the top of the Guild Hall - Since I have built a 'jumping puzzle' to the top of the hall, I want to see who can climb it the quickest. Plus the view at the top of the hall is amazing for those who haven't been there yet.

If you have any other guild event ideas, please let me know.

Some events might be in a HoT map so some events might be for expansion owners only.

That is it for now,