• New Guild Hall Poll

    Hello everyone,

    With Path of Fire coming pretty soon, they have shown us a short preview of a new Guild Hall.

    Guild Wars 2 - Path of Fire - Windswept Haven

    We have had the Gilded Hollow since Heart of Thorns release and I think most of us would like to see a change. So I am putting up a poll to see if people do want to switch or keep the hall as is.

    New Guild Hall Strawpoll

    If we do switch, we would like to have everyone who wants to claim ownership of decorations they have added to the guild or crafted to make a list. This way we can keep track of how many are claimed and the rest will be for decorating the hall.

    Since we will also need to go and claim the new hall after using 100 gold for the fee, I will be letting Optimus go and claim the new hall. He will be selecting his team of 9 to enter the hall since that is the best player # to scaling since we had major issues with 60-70 people.

    Right now, only a few selected people can decorate in the Guild Hall. When we claim the new hall I am thinking for the first two weeks to allow anyone in the Guild the ability to decorate. Doing this will allow people to experience what decorating is like and possibly make some themes or ideas we can do to the hall. After the two weeks have ended we will restore all the decorations back to storage so those who own decorations can use theirs in their own areas.

    In terms of our alliance with [BOLD], we originally allied with them so that we can have access to both Guild Halls. However, I have talked briefly to them and they said they will be switching to the new hall as well. This will not change our alliance however but if that does mean those who are in [BOLD] doesn't really need to use that guild slot anymore.

    If I missed anything please leave a comment and I will add or change accordingly.


  • Some Ground Rules

    enter image description here

    Due to some recent events over the past few months where we started running into issues where we didn't have any ground rules to follow or enforce when a member would do something wrong or enforce something ridiculous. So after chatting with the other Guild Leaders, we have come up with 4 basic rules to follow.

    Conduct Rules:

    1. Show Decorum in Guild Chat. Be respectful. Avoid excessive swearing. Remember, there is no tone in chat—things can be easily misconstrued.

      Swearing is fine as long as it is not directed at a person. General swearing is fine since it is a way of expression. We do know there is an in-game censor to block out any swear words which work in all chat tabs. But even though that feature exists, we don't want the guild chat to be full of profanity. We do have some kids and even older adults playing the game so we want to re respectful as much as possible. Sometimes we do have people who are close friends with each other and so sometimes swearing might be directed at one or the other. As an General/Overwatch/Leader don't take action unless the other member is offended by it.

    2. NO DRAMA. If a Leader asks you to do something, please listen. If there is any dispute between members, screenshot the chat & bring it to the Guild Leader — we will resolve it equitably & peacefully.

      If you are a sarcastic or like to joke a lot, please show a sign that you are being sarcastic or joking. With text, we cannot tell what is sarcastic. Saying "jk" is enough to show you are joking about something.

    3. No Spoilers for at least 1 week.

      No Living World or Expansion spoilers. When an update hits do not talk about or discuss part of the story in Guild Chat for at least 1 week after initial release. Items from rewards, achievements, unlocks are fine since they are in the game and can be seen through game tabs.

      TV shows, movies, etc are not enforced but please do not spoil a huge event like Game of Thrones cause not everyone has direct access to these content.

    4. Decorations: Only use decorations you have made/bought/requested.

      If you have decoration permission which is only for General Decor, Overwatch, and Guild Leaders, do not spawn/place decoration you do not own or have permission to use. Buy the decoration or order it from one of our Scribes;

      • Ace
      • Biscuit
      • Kenage
      • Makina
      • Maxymus

    First offense will be a warning

    Second offense will be a demotion or probation

    Third offense will be a judgment call

    Fourth will be a kick without warning

    Edit 1: Typo

    Edit 2: Added Maxy to scribe list

    Edit 3: Formatting

  • Fus is Quitting Guild Wars 2

    Hi everyone,

    As some of you might have noticed I haven't been playing the game much at all over the past 2-3 weeks.

    1. Partly I landed a job I don't mind too much and hours are not friendly to your average 'stay up late' gamer so sleeping is a major priority for me.
    2. I have started to lose interest in the game greatly. I understand now from a person who works where after you come home from work, you want to use that time to enjoy yourself. Guild Wars 2 is not enjoyment to me anymore cause of how the game changes have made it. Daily this, time gate that, 2-hour meta this, boss timer that. Yes, the new maps avoid those things but I don't have fun playing the new maps.
    3. There are other games I rather be playing.
    4. If I get angry it doesn't reflect well in guild chat so I wish to avoid it as much as possible.

    No, I'm not quitting indefinitely. I will be logging on here and there if something comes up so I'm not leaving for good. I just won't be forcing myself to login and do nothing and then logging off.

    Because of this, I plan to step down as Guild Leader and want to find someone else to replace me. Yes I know we have Optimus and Makina already Guild Leaders but their role does not cover my roles. Optimus leads guild missions are is pretty much the face of GoDS. Makina takes care of things off game (website, Teamspeak, etc)

    If you are a General rank or Overwatch rank and want to step up as Guild Leader and fill in my roles, here are some of the things I do;

    1. Send mail to inactive members explaining why they are being removed and then kicking them from the guild. This is so that if the person does come back they will have a mail and a guild to return to if they play again.
    2. Host Guild Missions. Optimus fills in for me for when I can't log on so your duty is to try your best to log onto guild mission night and run them. Optimus should be online every week to fill in for you if you cannot make it.
    3. Solve guild issues. If theres an issue with a member, find a way to resolve it. My methods were never the best since I try to please both sides but it rarely works so you will need to be a good people person and a problem solver.
    4. Deal with guild drama. Sometimes when a person is kicked, they'll come whispering asking why. If they are friendly when asking I would spend the time to explain but if they get hostile I just block and move on.
    5. Admin the Guild Facebook group. We have 4 admins, 2 of which are inactive (Inquest and Flanzo) I pretty much monitor the group just to make sure nothing bad is posted and there isn't any fighting going on in the comments. Makina is also an Admin but he is also a busy person so hes not paying attention to Facebook all the time.
    6. I didn't do much of this since Biscuit and Maxymus took care of it but assist on upgrading the guild upgrades. Find out what is needed, whats the best way to get whats needed and ask the guild for said needed items.
    7. Host guild events and give out prizes. I have a bunch of donated items to be given away at guild events but I haven't found the time to host them.

    If you are interested in being the new Guild Leader, leave a comment in the Facebook thread I created and I and the other Guild Leaders will decide who it should be.

    One last reason why I'm quitting and posting now, I will be out of the country for about a month for the month of January so I won't be around anyways to do any of those things. I will be busy with work, then work on getting stuff ready for the trip.

  • GoDS 1v1 Guild Arena Tournament (Moved to Aug 20)

    So we had a very very fun time last Saturday after GM's doing a 1v1 Guild Arena tournament so I want to see if anyone is interested in doing this every few weeks. We figured out a pretty good system and set of rules that is very in the vein of just having an all out good time for people participating and not participating in the tournament, so I think this is something we can start hosting and even reaching out beyond the guild for (reddit post etc.)

    This Saturday we will have another Guild Arena tournament open to ANY Guild Wars player. I will personally put up 1g per person up to 8 players. If the amount of players go beyond 8 people I will put up 1.5g per person to a cap of 16 players. If we get between 16-32 players (32 max) I will put up 2g per participant. So that's, from me alone, 64g up for grabs.

    No donation required, your very participation will increase the prize pool by a lot! I hope to see a lot of you guys there, they will begin as soon as Guild Missions are completed this Saturday. I hope you guys find this a great way to get a nice return on investment for all those materials I pestered you in to donating to the GH >:D

    -The Flaky One

    Message 'Waffle Biscuit' (Porco Rosso.2054) if you have any questions or would like to participate in the tournament.

    Update: Biscuit can't host it Aug 13 so he will be moving it till next week Aug 20