Some Ground Rules

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Due to some recent events over the past few months where we started running into issues where we didn't have any ground rules to follow or enforce when a member would do something wrong or enforce something ridiculous. So after chatting with the other Guild Leaders, we have come up with 4 basic rules to follow.

Conduct Rules:

  1. Show Decorum in Guild Chat. Be respectful. Avoid excessive swearing. Remember, there is no tone in chat—things can be easily misconstrued.

    Swearing is fine as long as it is not directed at a person. General swearing is fine since it is a way of expression. We do know there is an in-game censor to block out any swear words which work in all chat tabs. But even though that feature exists, we don't want the guild chat to be full of profanity. We do have some kids and even older adults playing the game so we want to re respectful as much as possible. Sometimes we do have people who are close friends with each other and so sometimes swearing might be directed at one or the other. As an General/Overwatch/Leader don't take action unless the other member is offended by it.

  2. NO DRAMA. If a Leader asks you to do something, please listen. If there is any dispute between members, screenshot the chat & bring it to the Guild Leader — we will resolve it equitably & peacefully.

    If you are a sarcastic or like to joke a lot, please show a sign that you are being sarcastic or joking. With text, we cannot tell what is sarcastic. Saying "jk" is enough to show you are joking about something.

  3. No Spoilers for at least 1 week.

    No Living World or Expansion spoilers. When an update hits do not talk about or discuss part of the story in Guild Chat for at least 1 week after initial release. Items from rewards, achievements, unlocks are fine since they are in the game and can be seen through game tabs.

    TV shows, movies, etc are not enforced but please do not spoil a huge event like Game of Thrones cause not everyone has direct access to these content.

  4. Decorations: Only use decorations you have made/bought/requested.

    If you have decoration permission which is only for General Decor, Overwatch, and Guild Leaders, do not spawn/place decoration you do not own or have permission to use. Buy the decoration or order it from one of our Scribes;

    • Ace
    • Biscuit
    • Kenage
    • Makina
    • Maxymus

First offense will be a warning

Second offense will be a demotion or probation

Third offense will be a judgment call

Fourth will be a kick without warning

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