Make Up Mission Solution

Since I never got many people to step up to host make up missions and its tough to get people to join for make up missions,

I have decided to allow Alpha Team members and higher the ability to start guild missions when they please.

During Sunday and the weekdays I will give Alpha Team ranks and higher permission to start missions. This allows those members to do easy missions solo or with a small group on their own time.

How it works:

  • Race(Rush): Can be solo'd by crossing the finish line to receive your commendation.
  • Bounty(Easy): Can be done with a 5-man group since easy bounty is well... easy.
  • Trek: Can be solo'd by finding one location and claiming it.

Starting today (Dec 16, 2015) I will give those permissions out. I will disable them on Saturdays for our regular guild missions.

Note: If you have completed "make up missions" during the weekday and are available on Saturday, please come and help out at regular mission time. The more people we have at missions the easier it is to complete.