Guild Hall Claimed! (Video Added)

We finally have a Guild Hall that we can all hang out! Gilded Hollow was the voted winner for our guild and with a meeting we had a week before HoT release, we can have our halls set on a rotation. Every few months we can change the halls so everyone can experience both halls.

We do have an alliance with some of our guildies who have a fully upgraded guild that will be claiming Lost Precipice. If you would like to join the other guild so you can have access to both halls (YOU MUST BE ALPHA TEAM OR HIGHER TO JOIN), send in-game mail to Me (TripleT.6571), Gryn (Gryn.6310), or TempusV (TempusV.8730) for a guild invite to Circle of Legends [BOLD] and ask for an invite into BOLD.

Now I must apologize for what happened during the claiming event. I really really wanted everyone there knowing the event will scale up but I didn't think it would scale up to that insane levels of difficulty. It wouldn't be a guild claiming event if we only had a small elite group go in and claim it themselves. You don't know how bad I felt having to ask everyone to leave the instance while only a selected few got to stay.

I did however record my point of view of the claiming event and Kenage streamed his point of view. Over the next few days I'll be getting all that footage edited and uploaded for everyone to see.

Again, I am sorry for having to remove everyone from the claiming event after we spent 2 hours in there trying our best but the scaling got the better of us.

The next phase of the Guild Hall which is upgrading it. Press 'G', top right is Enter Guild Hall button. As soon as you spawn, there will be an NPC that shows you all the items we require to upgrade the next parts of the hall. Find out what materials are required to craft some of those items since those items are extremely expensive right now so we can use all the donations we can get to craft the items we need to upgrade. Donate any Guild Hall upgrade materials into the Guild Stash, (top bank slot) and we'll have people crafting and upgrading the hall with those materials. If you would like to donate gold to help buy some of those materials, deposit that into the stash as well.

Thank you everyone who showed up and tried their best!


Guild Hall Expedition Video: