Guild Hall Meeting Conclusion (Oct 17)

As some of you are aware, I had a General+ rank meeting on Saturday on the day we cancelled missions. Now I will tell you the outcome of that meeting.

So the meeting was about the possibility of a Guild Alliance. Yes, I know, alliances usually don't end well having to possible drama between them. But this isn't with another large guild, its just an alliance with one of our guild member's dormant guilds which is fully upgraded, just not being used.

My idea is we can claim our hall from which ever wins the vote, then we can use the other guild as our other hall. That way we have access to both halls so everyone is happy. But in the meeting everyone came up with many concerns to consider.

  1. It can split up our members since we'll be hanging out in two different halls.
  2. We will have to manage our resources and maintain two guilds and guild halls.
  3. If there ever happens to be a falling in between the two guilds than we lose the other hall which isn't ours.

Some options we came up with is:

  1. We focus on our hall first when it comes to upgrades and maintaining so we understand how halls fully work before we start focusing on the other.
  2. We set our hall on a rotation every x months. (This will reset all decoration and 100g cost for every swap)

The final decision from the meeting is we should set our hall on a rotation. We will start off with the winning vote and then a few months down the road if people want to donate to change halls we can.

However, because the other guild leaders are ready and totally up to the idea, I won't leave them hanging. We will keep ours on rotation but we can also use their hall if we want to craft the other set of armor/weapons or even just to explore the other hall.

If you would like to join the other guild so you can have access to both halls (YOU MUST BE ALPHA TEAM OR HIGHER TO JOIN), send in-game mail to Me (TripleT.6571), Gryn (Gryn.6310), or TempusV (TempusV.8730) for a guild invite to Circle of Legends [BOLD] and ask for an invite into BOLD.