Welcome new players!

If you are a new player and found our website, welcome to our guild website and welcome to the game.

I am the current active Guild Leader of Guild of Divine Soldiers [GoDS] and we are always open to recruit new and veteran players to our guild. You can read a little about us here: http://gomgods.com/node/11

We are a mainly focused PvE guild (dungeons, fractals, world bosses, etc) but we have members who also do WvW and sPvP.

If you would like to join us and do WvW as well, we are mostly based in Gate of Madness server but that shouldn't stop you if you are on a different server.

Below are some information how the guild operates and times of guild events.

All Guild Hall personal upgrades have been unlocked so everything is +10% buff (exp, karma, magicfind etc). Current Guild Hall level is 36+

Guild missions & events (karka queen/other + bounty + challenge + puzzle + rush + trek) Saturday 1am UTC (that's 8 p.m. Eastern Time, 5 p.m. Pacific) (1 hour after daily reset)

Represent Rule: 50% rep or higher to be able to rank up within the guild.

Send me a whisper or in-game mail at (Fus Ro Doh or TripleT.6571)

EDIT: If you are a F2P player, best way to contact me is to add me to your contact list (y) then come to the map I am in, usually Divinity's Reach, then send me a whisper.

Some other members that you can try to contact as well to join:

  • Optimus Prime Time (NA)
  • Bacon Cupcaxe (OCE)
  • Tanith.5264 (NA)