Fus is Quitting Guild Wars 2

Hi everyone,

As some of you might have noticed I haven't been playing the game much at all over the past 2-3 weeks.

  1. Partly I landed a job I don't mind too much and hours are not friendly to your average 'stay up late' gamer so sleeping is a major priority for me.
  2. I have started to lose interest in the game greatly. I understand now from a person who works where after you come home from work, you want to use that time to enjoy yourself. Guild Wars 2 is not enjoyment to me anymore cause of how the game changes have made it. Daily this, time gate that, 2-hour meta this, boss timer that. Yes, the new maps avoid those things but I don't have fun playing the new maps.
  3. There are other games I rather be playing.
  4. If I get angry it doesn't reflect well in guild chat so I wish to avoid it as much as possible.

No, I'm not quitting indefinitely. I will be logging on here and there if something comes up so I'm not leaving for good. I just won't be forcing myself to login and do nothing and then logging off.

Because of this, I plan to step down as Guild Leader and want to find someone else to replace me. Yes I know we have Optimus and Makina already Guild Leaders but their role does not cover my roles. Optimus leads guild missions are is pretty much the face of GoDS. Makina takes care of things off game (website, Teamspeak, etc)

If you are a General rank or Overwatch rank and want to step up as Guild Leader and fill in my roles, here are some of the things I do;

  1. Send mail to inactive members explaining why they are being removed and then kicking them from the guild. This is so that if the person does come back they will have a mail and a guild to return to if they play again.
  2. Host Guild Missions. Optimus fills in for me for when I can't log on so your duty is to try your best to log onto guild mission night and run them. Optimus should be online every week to fill in for you if you cannot make it.
  3. Solve guild issues. If theres an issue with a member, find a way to resolve it. My methods were never the best since I try to please both sides but it rarely works so you will need to be a good people person and a problem solver.
  4. Deal with guild drama. Sometimes when a person is kicked, they'll come whispering asking why. If they are friendly when asking I would spend the time to explain but if they get hostile I just block and move on.
  5. Admin the Guild Facebook group. We have 4 admins, 2 of which are inactive (Inquest and Flanzo) I pretty much monitor the group just to make sure nothing bad is posted and there isn't any fighting going on in the comments. Makina is also an Admin but he is also a busy person so hes not paying attention to Facebook all the time.
  6. I didn't do much of this since Biscuit and Maxymus took care of it but assist on upgrading the guild upgrades. Find out what is needed, whats the best way to get whats needed and ask the guild for said needed items.
  7. Host guild events and give out prizes. I have a bunch of donated items to be given away at guild events but I haven't found the time to host them.

If you are interested in being the new Guild Leader, leave a comment in the Facebook thread I created and I and the other Guild Leaders will decide who it should be.

One last reason why I'm quitting and posting now, I will be out of the country for about a month for the month of January so I won't be around anyways to do any of those things. I will be busy with work, then work on getting stuff ready for the trip.