GoDS 1v1 Guild Arena Tournament (Moved to Aug 20)

So we had a very very fun time last Saturday after GM's doing a 1v1 Guild Arena tournament so I want to see if anyone is interested in doing this every few weeks. We figured out a pretty good system and set of rules that is very in the vein of just having an all out good time for people participating and not participating in the tournament, so I think this is something we can start hosting and even reaching out beyond the guild for (reddit post etc.)

This Saturday we will have another Guild Arena tournament open to ANY Guild Wars player. I will personally put up 1g per person up to 8 players. If the amount of players go beyond 8 people I will put up 1.5g per person to a cap of 16 players. If we get between 16-32 players (32 max) I will put up 2g per participant. So that's, from me alone, 64g up for grabs.

No donation required, your very participation will increase the prize pool by a lot! I hope to see a lot of you guys there, they will begin as soon as Guild Missions are completed this Saturday. I hope you guys find this a great way to get a nice return on investment for all those materials I pestered you in to donating to the GH >:D

-The Flaky One

Message 'Waffle Biscuit' (Porco Rosso.2054) if you have any questions or would like to participate in the tournament.

Update: Biscuit can't host it Aug 13 so he will be moving it till next week Aug 20