New Guild Hall Poll

Hello everyone,

With Path of Fire coming pretty soon, they have shown us a short preview of a new Guild Hall.

Guild Wars 2 - Path of Fire - Windswept Haven

We have had the Gilded Hollow since Heart of Thorns release and I think most of us would like to see a change. So I am putting up a poll to see if people do want to switch or keep the hall as is.

New Guild Hall Strawpoll

If we do switch, we would like to have everyone who wants to claim ownership of decorations they have added to the guild or crafted to make a list. This way we can keep track of how many are claimed and the rest will be for decorating the hall.

Since we will also need to go and claim the new hall after using 100 gold for the fee, I will be letting Optimus go and claim the new hall. He will be selecting his team of 9 to enter the hall since that is the best player # to scaling since we had major issues with 60-70 people.

Right now, only a few selected people can decorate in the Guild Hall. When we claim the new hall I am thinking for the first two weeks to allow anyone in the Guild the ability to decorate. Doing this will allow people to experience what decorating is like and possibly make some themes or ideas we can do to the hall. After the two weeks have ended we will restore all the decorations back to storage so those who own decorations can use theirs in their own areas.

In terms of our alliance with [BOLD], we originally allied with them so that we can have access to both Guild Halls. However, I have talked briefly to them and they said they will be switching to the new hall as well. This will not change our alliance however but if that does mean those who are in [BOLD] doesn't really need to use that guild slot anymore.

If I missed anything please leave a comment and I will add or change accordingly.